Harvest Time

You know what that means? Canning! I am excited to can this year. Nothing beats home canned peaches in a simple syrup. My husband loves peach pies made from a jar of home canned peaches (my secret is a pinch of cayene pepper to heighten flavor). I have had pressing events that have kept me from canning for the past three years (2 babies in 3 years) and so my cupboards are bare. 

I miss the neatly lined rows of blushing pink peachy peaches and warm brown applesauce. I find it ironic that I don't enjoy fruit, something about the texture, but I love to can.

There is something so satifying about filling the little bellies of the children I love with fresh juicy home canned fruit. I love watching them lick sticky syrup from their lips as it drips down their chins (boys are so messy). I love puting the jars up on the shelf and feeling a sense of accomplishment - I did it! I love knowing I have preserved a little of summer in a jar, to enjoy in the dreary days of winter. Sunshine!